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Autumn Chanel: Seasonal PR that’s always in Fashion

Autumn Chanel

Autumn Chanel

What’s in a name?

Named after a season and classic fashion brand my parents clearly had me pegged at birth. My name embodies who I am on a number of levels. The season Autumn is reflected in my love of change and enjoying the journey through the seasons of life combined with my middle name Chanel which represents the iconic and classic style I’ve grown to love.  I am a Chanel type of lady and will embody this air of class and taste as I traverse the seasons of my life.

Emphasis on Academia

I have spent my undergraduate and graduate career really focusing on the tools and skills necessary to effectively and efficiently practicing public relations.  In academia I’ve really enjoyed delving deeper into the field of PR, particularly in master’s level courses like PR Theory, and Media Relations and Publicity.

Fashion Forward

I am eager to get out into the work world and experience the diverse and fast pace world of fashion PR.  I’d like to work for a small boutique agency, or magazine in a city like New York, Chicago or LA. Professionally I see myself handling dynamic clients, creating influential campaigns and helping orchestrate large-scale events. I am confident that my ability to adapt to new situations, my work ethic, and passion for fashion will make me ideal for my chosen field.

This year my interests will be taking abroad to London as part of a Global Advertising and Public Relations master’s course.  I will use this course to begin developing my online fashion presence and portfolio in preparation for securing a job post graduation. I will focus my project on comparing the launch and promotion of new brands by fashion agencies in the U.S versus in the U.K.

The best things..

The best things..

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