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Beyonce’s back and we’re going to talk about it….

It’s taken me a while to decide how I wanted to approach the greatness of Lemonade, so I avoided putting this post together since the album dropped. I wanted to avoid a half-assed attempt at analyzing the layers and multi level elements of the piece, especially after so many others have already done it so well.  I’ve linked a few great reactions for you to check out here:

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Lemonade is BRILLIANT. It’s a reminder of everything we’ve forgotten, for everything we ignore, for everything we are afraid to accept. So here goes:

  1.  I once posted a quote “We forget we are Queens because we are seldom reminded.”  Beyonce takes a whole hour to remind millions of Black women that they are indeed and undoubtedly Queens.  She reminds us what we are worth, what we deserve, who we can become, who we have been, what we have the power to do,  what we can conquer, what we have overcame. She reminds us of our history, and our history is that we are Queens.
  2. Silence is often thought of as strength in the Black community. Somehow it’s admirable to remain silent about your pain, to cry in the dark, and to smile when you’re miserable.  Lemonade shows Beyonce in the depths of despair and at the peak of power. She bares her soul and wields a frickin bat.  She affirms the power in sharing her deepest hurt and the strength in moving past it. She reminds us that we’re allowed to feel destroyed and we’re allowed to forgive. These things can work co-exist. Often times in society it’s like we’re not expected to recover, we’re not supposed to move forward.  We’re expected to be an accepting shell of what we once were, we’re expected to accept that maybe this is just how things are. BUT BEYONCE!  Like the supreme that she is, Beyonce reads the world her story of pain and dares people to accept there can possibly be a better Beyonce after. Mind blowing.  There can be a better, stronger, cockier you after the k.o.!
  3. Can we talk about the regal, reclaimed, southern black colonial era fashion woven through the visual album!?!  In elementary school my art teacher had my class create class portraits of what we would look like if we grew up during civil war times as part of a history project.  If you know anything about US history you should now realize how awkward it was to imagine and create a self portrait in which I as a little black girl, would not have been a slave.  Most of the children of color in my class portrayed themselves as Native Americans.  BUT back to the point, Lemonade gives me the visual expression of what life might have looked like for Black women if never enslaved. The fashion prowess alone makes lemonade revolutionary for me.  It is striking and natural, stoic, bold and strong.  It was powerful to see this image of beautiful ancestral Black women
  4. Lemonade is unapologetically BLACK. In layman’s terms, everything isn’t for everybody, and I am unapologetically ecstatic that THIS is for ME.  In the same way I felt “To Pimp a Butterfly” was braisen, unapologetic, and times even scary; Lemonade resonates the same with me.  I’m ok if everyone doesn’t love it, heck I don’t care if they hate it.  I’m not arguing with small minds, or begging anyone to see the light. If you don’t get it, then it’s not for you. Beyonce is brilliant in that way, Lemonade is brilliant in that way, she’s still going to get her paper in.that.way.
  5. There are ACTUAL instruments in this album and I CANNOT wait to see how it’s all executed in concert. With the passing of Prince I’m reminded that actual music is fading fast.  I listen to my parents era music and my heart feels heavy, what will I tell my kids about ‘my music? I’ll probably just tell them about Beyonce… “Baby… let me tell you about King Bey”



Maybe this has been an empty stan-fest. I don’t care, it’s all true to me 🙂


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