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Can we talk about Beyonce really quick….

I like to keep everything cohesive here…all focused on my fashion PR goals, PR discussions, and experiences navigating the field, but I’d be remiss to ignore the role one special lady plays in my life.  In all of our lives if we’re being honest about it.  Let us acknowledge The Beyoncé factor…

For starters… She’s Everything…

After witnessing the magic of Beyoncé last night during her concert/ the VMA’s I woke this morning with a renewed sense of motivation.  Without totally fan-girling for an entire post it comes down to a very simple thought. It’s not who Beyoncé is, but what she represents.

The light that she exudes, her passion, her sense of self, her ability to rise above the noise that is life, her persistence and perfection of her craft, her determination to out do herself, her ability to empower women world-wide to be the very best and most fiercely flawless versions of themselves.  I like to think of Beyoncé as the super-saiyan  version of oneself; the ultimate, fully charged, explosive, powerful, frightening, amazing, beautifully glowing version of you (lol yes…that was a Dragon Ball Z reference).

A question once dawned on me “How does Queen Elizabeth know that she’s Queen?” the answer “Because she’s surrounded by reminders,  everyone and every thing around her identifies her royal status. She is constantly reminded.” Consequently,  we forget we are Queens because we are seldom reminded.”

When I think about it, Beyoncé reminds us that we are Queens. In small ways, through lyrics, life choices, music videos, and public appearances she reminds us what it means to know you are royalty, and expect others to acknowledge it as well. She sets a brilliant example that we can be CEOs, Creatives, Leaders, Mothers, Teachers, Sex Symbols, Women…We can be Women.  We have within ourselves exponentially great untapped potential to literally change the world, to conquer everything, to meet and rule with our equally matched King….(wherever the heck he is!?)

At any given time we can wake up, and declare it so. And I know these aren’t revolutionary concepts, Beyoncé didn’t come up with any of these deeply metaphysical concepts.  They’re in the bible, books like “the Secret” multiple religions, mantras, and your friend’s ig quotes.  But somehow Beyoncé makes it real, she makes you believe in an incredible level of empowerment, the fuel to give yourself permission to become as amazing as you want.

Our deepest fear has never been that we are inadequate, it’s always been that we are powerful beyond measure; and that’s exciting.

So I’m here, twenty-four, single, jobless, attempting frugality, with chipped nail polish, and sandwich meat in the most exciting city I’ve ever lived; at the most freeing point in my life. I have no choice but to be taken once again by Beyoncé, a reminder that the world is mine for the taking. My too big dreams are not big enough, my awesomeness is not too much, or too different, or too misunderstood to show.  I can, and will achieve my Beyonce…eventually. 🙂

Determined face

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  • Reply amandamhils

    I adore this and I adore you. Great job, Aut. Beyoncé reminds me with everything she does that I can actually do and be anything I want. She calms me, motivates me, inspires me. People often say things about humans only using a fraction of our capacity and capability. Well, Beyoncé is a perfect example of what we can become if we tap into those deeply capable parts of ourselves. Queens! All of us!

    August 26, 2014 at 12:09 AM
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