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Global PR, How about London

    Global PR, How about London

    The buck doesn’t stop here

    Sadly my stint in London has come to an end. I’m back in the nation’s capitol with some great insights and a new found optimism for my future in the fashion PR industry. After conducting industry expert interviews and compiling secondary research the results are in.

    In a fashion fury…here are the take-aways from my comparative study on how fashion PR agencies conduct planning activities for fashion branding in the U.S. and U.K.

    The experts agree on:

    • The first few meetings with a new client are crucial. It’s all about gaining brand immersion, access to product, and understanding of the company’s culture and how they measure success.
    • We must plan for what you can afford.  As important as the emphasis we put on relationship building and media exposure, fashion PR professionals must operate within the confines of budgets clients set.
    • Similar markets means similar planning activities. The U.S. and U.K markets are both celebrity and fame centric markets.  Therefore, many of the same considerations are made during the planning process in both markets.
    • The Pace is back breaking. Fashion hubs like London, NY, and Los Angeles work at a grueling pace to keep up with fashion cycles, publications, and new product launches to ensure a constant buzz surrounds their clients.
    • At the heart of it this is Public Relations. Whether in fashion, corporate communications, crisis communications, or employee relations, we’re still talking about the practice of Public Relations.

    This project has given me more confidence in pursuing the industry that has dazzled me with the level of professionalism and breath taking fashion for all these years. My research project is done, but my thirst for knowledge about fashion PR will continue well beyond this project and course. Stay tuned as I tackle topics within fashion and public relations, I think I’m ready to make the leap!