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…Did I mention I moved to New York?

There’s a great excuse for my lack of “social” activity…I moved to NYC! I got my master’s degree, packed up, left Ohio, and landed in the concrete jungle.  Since my move I’ve been insanely busy, insanely stressed, and insanely excited.  It’s been a ball of crazy transitioning from solitude to constant stimulation. Picture it, quiet contemplation to rooftop parties and breathtaking skylines. So far I’ve found New York City to be a dirty grimmey strikingly beautiful place to be.  The grit of the city somehow creates this irresistible energy to me, it’s created this life class that I get to physically experience each time I walk out and close my apartment door behind me.

Rooftop gathering

Every day in NYC I learn something new…and not just the generic “learn something new every day” with a chuckle. On a daily basis I learn something meaningful that adds to my perspective.   There’s no such thing as being stagnant in a city that constantly twitches.  Consequently this shift into real-life-living has left little time for sitting on my laptop writing and tweeting.  BUT, I’m back because there’s still so much Fashion and PR to explore, especially now that I’m on ground zero I’m working my way into the trenches, trying to break into the beckoning industry.


Bare with me as I gush about the fashion culture here….It’s almost as if the soul of fashion lives in the air of New York.  Trends, sub-trends, anti-trends, ethnic influences, money, creativity, diversity, and attitude all converge on these grid-locked streets.  The painfully beautiful and painfully impoverished can be spotted within feet of each other at any given time.  It’s sometimes too much to comprehend, but together it creates a sort of fashion.  I’ve now seen all my favorite high end fashion brands in person, on the arms and feet of young professionals prancing through the streets of Manhattan. When I saw my first celebrity draped in the finest of ridiculously expensive garments behaving like a normal human person I realized “this is just the average everyday NYC, this is real life?!”


The job market is tough, I think of it somewhat like two hands clasped together fingers laced and locked down firmly.  No one gets in, few want to get out.  That leaves a very small space for me to work my way into.  The industry is also quite small, you have your major publications, PR agencies, and fashion houses; supported by your small-team boutique agencies who employ the help of unpaid interns.  Timing has also been a huge factor; I came in during the thicket of intern season where most agencies can wisely utilize unpaid labor over hiring for full-time positions. In accepting an unpaid position I’ve been working hard to get exposure and practice with the PR tools and competencies presented in school, but that doesn’t automatically mean a job.  I’ve taken on some free-lance gigs in the meantime to keep me afloat (barely) money wise, but full time stability is of course the goal.   So it’s been a process and incredible life lesson in patience, prayer, and faith.  I know the right position at the right organization is just steps away in my journey to live the dream but until then I’m just enjoying the scenery.  Life is great, things will only get better and I am incredibly thankful.

Look for more posts on my journey and experiences breaking into the industry I love, doing the work that gives me butterflies!

Finally in New York pursuing Fashion PR

Finally in New York pursuing Fashion PR

#First NYClesson: Know your cross streets
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