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They seem like polar opposites but this new technological age has ushered in an opportunity for fashion and technology to meet. Together some pretty remarkable innovations have emerged. Like Lectra! From the company’s website, “Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions that automate, streamline and accelerate product design, development and manufacturing processes for industries using soft materials.” The company creates software to help brands design and manufacture clothing on their computers.  Instead of using traditional methods like pencils and paper drawings can be rendered digitally. Lectra also allows designers to factor in different fabric types, patterns, and measurements.

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Lectra programs have been used in the fashion industry for nearly forty years developing newer and faster ways each year. The technology is used by fast fashion and high-end brands, mostly internationally.  Some brands that have gained excess with the brands include La Jolla, Red Blu, New York and Company, Celine, and Maggy London.

In a recent press release posted to PR Newswire, Lectra’s fashion marketing director Anastasia Charbin commented on the newest version of the software Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3.

 “Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3 supports teamwork by privileging visual communication and sharing at each step of the development process. We have drastically improved the user experience to remove roadblocks to collaboration. We are looking to cater to the needs of both the creative and technical personalities found within a fashion or apparel company,” -Anastasia Charbin

Lectra Fashion PLM V3R3 rendering curtesy or PR Newswire

The new platform is more collaborative and user-friendly using tools like Adobe© Illustrator© that makes 3D designs more visually accurate and fashion industry friendly. Teams can also chat using live messaging.

 How this affects PR

The speed and ease at which the Lectra software allows designers to produce new collections also affect how Fashion PR agencies run.  Agencies that manage clothing brands in particular rely on the access to physical products to promote and sell the brand.  One attribute unique to fashion PR agencies are their show rooms full of client fashions.  I had the pleasure of conducting an interview in B PR’s show room last summer. It was like being in a celebrity closet full of goodies and hot fashion trends.  Fashion writers, editors, stylists, and media outlets all get to experience the latest trends first hand during visits to agency show rooms.  If agencies can receive their client’s products faster, they create a real advantage to getting the client featured or recognized by media outlets.  Having product on hand quickly also allows for activities like photo shoots and exclusive line reveals to take place.  Fashion PR’s already neck breaking pace could become even more fast, furious, and competitive with technological innovations like this one.

There are several other intersections of fashion and technology. From materials that change transparency based on body temperature to accessories that can monitor your vital signs technology is certainly affecting the field. The way Lectra is learning and adapting to the needs of fashion creators is sure to make it a more dominant part of the industry’s future.  Designers, fire up your laptops; agencies, make space in your show room!

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