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A shot taken in SOHO

Today I did something I’ve been avoiding for a couple of months now…I worked on my resume and applied for my top 5 fashion jobs.  Graduation is exactly 39 days away and I’ll be entering phase two of my life. Phase one has been dominated by growing pains and academia. Phase two is the real world.  As scary as hitting send on these application e-mails are, I’m thrilled with agencies I’ve chosen to go after. It feels a little like applying for colleges all over, but somehow the stakes feel higher.  My dream agency: BPCM.

What they do

From research on the agency I’m the most impressed with their special event execution.  BPCM events are the epitome of fashion exclusives, often featuring live entertainment in the form of bands, dancers, Dj’s, street artists, and even acrobats. And did I mention tons of bubbly? But the agency does a lot more than just throw incredible parties, here are their listed services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • PR Services
  • Digital Services
  • VIP and Influencer Engagement
  • Event Management

 Individual touch

Many fashion PR agencies have developed specialties and niche clientele, BPCM has mastered it all.  With over a decade of experience under it’s belt the agency has offices in London, Los Angeles, and New York. Founders Carrie Ellen Phillips and Vanessa Von Bismarck have revolutionized luxury brand management with their sophisticated approach to style and promotion.  BPCM works closely with clients over extended periods to build close relationships, which translate into the execution of tactics that seamlessly ‘fit’ the brand’s image and story. Fashion publicity is a very need based field, allowing agencies to craft events and materials to fit that brand’s progression.  

 In high demand

Over the years their reputation has preceded them bringing in some high-profile fashion clients. Here are a few big names:

  • Billy Reid
  • ALDO
  • Lady Gaga
  • Cartier
  • Lanvin
screen shot's from BPCM's social

screen shot’s from BPCM’s social

 Social Media Savvy

PR has always been more of a behind the scenes function, helping brands strategize and build relationships with the entities they interact with. With the advent of social media agencies are becoming more visible.  As fashion companies work to build a social media presence, agencies are taking advantage of building their own established brand image. Agencies use social media to monitor their brands, the competitors of their brands, and attract the interest of potential clients.  Social media allows brands like BPCM to showcase what they do, share their success stories, tempt prospective brands with what they’ve accomplished on behalf of other brands, and keep their publics informed about their client’s developments.

screen shot's from BPCM's social

screen shot’s from BPCM’s social


Night on the town

Night on the town





Where I fit

The experience and skill level of this agency is what impresses me the most. Even if only in an internship role I know I would walk away having learned the gamete of fashion PR workings. The opportunities to network with industry professionals, work under tight deadlines, learn from the best, and to see my work pay off are what keep me up at night as I wait for a response to my application.  Ultimately, I’ll be grateful to get my fashion PR start at any reputable agency, but there’s nothing wrong with shooting for the stars. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

p.s. New York style pizza is amazing!

p.s. New York style pizza is amazing!


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  • Reply penniespartiespacifiers


    What a great post! I love your ambition, and know that you will go far after graduation. You can tell that you have done your research about BPCM. This post not only highlights what you know about fashion PR but also shows the dedication you have to the industry. I would love to have even half of your fashion sense! Best of luck in your job journey!


    April 3, 2014 at 12:26 PM
    • Reply autumnchanelpr

      Thanks so much for your encouragement Autaum! This next chapter is nerve wrecking but I am optimistic about it. And trust me you have plenty of fashion sense!

      April 14, 2014 at 9:24 PM

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