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“I think I read a blog post you wrote a while back…”

In reconnecting with a middle school friend she commented that she’d read one of my blog posts a while back, a sentence that completely embarrassed me.  I had to own up to the fact that it’s been well over a year since my last post….

Now I am embarrassingly composing this one in full recognition that I keep making empty promises to write more on this blog lol.
So this time, there will be no promise. Instead I will say this, I plan to write more…I’d like to write more, I have things to say, and I hope to put them on paper more often. Should you be even slightly interested in my nonsense here are some topics I will be tackling within the next few posts:

  • Hitting the year mark at my “Dream Job”: Reflections and ramblings
  • “Sorry I can’t relate”: commentary on diversity in the workplace
  • Perspective: What you bring to your role/ What you bring to your job/ What your bring to your industry
  • Black Fashion PR Girl, and what it means to me

So let’s consider this an interim post, a transition from failing miserably at consistent blogging and submission of intent to do better. I figure if I post it I’m creating at least some accountability to follow through.

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