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Leave me no room for doubt

I knew this would be the summer of decisions. As I enter my final year of graduate school and adult professional life looms in the near future I knew I’d need to make a serious decision soon.

To pursue a prestigious comfortably paid stable position in government civil service for a notable DoD enterprise.


To pursue my passion for fashion, to travel, and live a hectic unstable, exhausting life accepting a lower paying job.

As my government internship draws to a close it’s finally time for me to exhale. The jury is in, a decision has been made, and my desired path is decided. Cue calming sigh. This sigh releases all the creativity and built up fashion passion that has been trapped behind protocol, polite smiles, office politics, and keeping up appearances.  This experience has reaffirmed my decision to pursue fashion PR in a way just entertaining the idea alone could never solidify. Realizing what you DON’T want to do for the next 5-10 years makes identifying what you DO want to do a lot easier. Thank heavens for clarity, sorry mom.

In an attempt to preserve sanity amongst metal slated walls, dark cold marble floors, grey pant suits, painfully long boring meetings, and atrocious fashion crimes I used my wardrobe to proclaim my continued devotion to pursuing my passion.

Over the course of the summer I’ve identified my a few of favorite outfits, incorporating some current fashion trends and color to break up the drab of government service.  My compliment worthy outfits reminded me that fashion can thrive even in the darkest of times.  Check out some snap shots below.

I’m taking a leap of faith and pursuing my passion despite the overwhelming security and comfort civil service can bring. Being happy about going to work each day is worth some discomfort and a slightly uncertain future. Reaffirmed and renewed, join me as I continue to explore fashion, public relations, trends and best practices.

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