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If we’re talking about the fashion PR industry we have to talk about PR Couture.  When I stumbled upon this resource I knew I struck gold.  PR Couture is a premium resource for new and experienced fashion publicists, brands, and agencies recruiting talent. PR Couture ranks number 5 in the 60 best global PR blogs according to InkyBee and number 11 according to the Cision blog.  The websites format combines blog entries, services, shopping, and an agency search engine creating a one-stop shop for all of your fashion PR needs.


Benefits of the blog:
  • Job opportunities
  • Agency spotlights
  •  Industry news
  • Q&A interviews with professionals in the field
  • Videos
  • Ways to connect
  • An industry event calendar
  • Tons of fashion pictures!

A driving force behind the blog’s success is brand strategist, author, and founder Crosby Noricks. She began her own fashion PR consultation business about 6 years ago which has since grown into its own fashion PR Empire.

Crosby’s books:
  • Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR
  • Pitch Perfect: The PR Couture Guide to Fashion Media Coverage
  • Fashion Media & Blogger Contacts
  • Pitch Templates: The Professional Goods Package
  • Fashion PR Graduate Thesis.

The creatorIn addition to writing several books Crosby is a public speaker, private consultant, and mentor to hundreds of women looking to make it big in fashion PR.  Her experience and connections allow her to provide valuable exclusives  from PR executives that are nearly impossible to reach for aspiring fashion practitioners like myself. The agencies and practitioners she features illustrate the value in finding and maintaining relationships.  Those connections have impressed upon me the importance of networking early in my career. Crosby has created her own lane in the fashion PR industry by providing a unique service to deciphering and breaking into this multifaceted industry.

PR Couture Guide to Fashion PR

PR Couture Guide to Fashion PR

After falling in love with PR  I needed more. I needed to know how to become part of this exciting and fast pace world.  Within a day of discovering the blog I immediately ordered Crosby’s book Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. From an inside look into the different avenues of Fashion PR to how to excel at your first fashion interview, this book truly is a handbook to getting started in the industry.   My favorite section “Vision: What do I want to Accomplish in My Career?” This chapter really compelled me to sit down and think seriously about my career goals. I then took the time to outline a logical path to reach these goals.  Insights from how current PR professionals landed their first job in the industry also served as a great source of encouragement for my impending introduction to the field.

If you don’t know where to begin when diving into fashion PR, start with PR This blog is a great resource for becoming more acquainted to the fashion PR industry. The use of graphics like photography, videos, links, and social media buttons seamlessly compliment the aesthetically driven fashion field. Even if you aren’t into fashion the blog is also beneficial for practitioners from other industries that might need to interact with the fashion industry at some point in their business. Fashion PR also tends to produce more creativity in its communication strategies making it a good resource for more innovative ways to reach your own clients.  As I steadily approach graduation and the professional field I’m keeping PR Couture bookmarked in my web browser, you should too!

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