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Openings: Create your own job

I’ve been scouring the internet for job postings lately. Scanning titles and companies to find the elusive perfect combo.  Noteworthy company + appropriate title= The sweet spot.  So I’m seeing tons of listing, some that excite me some that I just click on to see what the market is looking for.  But one made me stop dead in my tracks.

Noteworthy company small-check-mark + Title: “Create Your Own Job”.= Mind blown Autumn

It was like standing before an open door.  That paralyzing fear and excitement you get at the top of a rollercoaster is what the feeling could be described as. Suddenly an unbelievable opportunity lay at my feet.  The job description prompts applicants to pitch a position that can enhance an already growing media company. They’re operating from a position most organizations haven’t gotten hip to yet…

“We don’t know it all, but we do know there are people out there who know more. We want those people on our team. We want that secret weapon before another company secures it. “

Those companies are the winners.  Being able to recognize budding talent in this digital world means everything.  Which brings me to the overwhelming fear that followed.  Fear that I’ll miss the opportunity at this open door.  That my pitch won’t be strong enough or that my vision won’t be valued.

But I’m jumping anyway.

I’m sending in my pitch. I’m proposing a position. I’m carving a new path. I’m creating my own job.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”- Milton Berle

Check out a portion of my pitch below:

“Taking direction from the example of media titans like Pinterest who recently appointed Candice Morgan as their first ever Head of Diversity, CompanyX could greatly benefit from making this aspect a priority. It would be really impressive to see CompanyX implement some sort of Diversity Manager whose focus is to encourage the important role diversity plays in any successful organization.


Act as a liaison between upcoming minority focused news sources, artists, designers, members of the community etc. I would essentially act as a publicist/researcher highlighting some of these important minority stories that can then be produced across CompanyX’s 8 brands.  I would initiate campaigns to engage target demos that have lower involvement with CompanyX and ideally expand the pool of those who subscribe to CompanyX outlets. This engagement would also serve as a crowd-sourcing tool allowing me to gauge what the audience wants to see more of.  Working either under manager or with a small team, a person in this position would ideally carve out a whole new lane for minority voices to shine.  I also imagine this role being able to serve as a resource or aggregate for smaller diverse news sources.  An index so to speak of new places to shop, dine, salons, and so on for an audience that doesn’t always feel they can relate to everyday content.
I’ve always operated from the mindset that cultural change is an inside out job.  There is this sort of cause and effect cycle in place that has to be altered.  Representation and inclusion means a great deal in today’s fast pace digital environment.  Including more diverse faces and content, will encourage the paths of more diverse candidates, and ultimately make the media we consume more representative of the world it’s created to reflect. I see a great opportunity for Company X to become a leader and example in this space. ”

So whether the pitch lands or not, I took the shot and am at least confident that I’ve called attention to an opportunity not yet mastered by this growing digital company.

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