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Suprise! Je quitte la mode

So if you’ve read fashion adjacent following the re-launch of my site and translated my French exclamation above, you might be like, “what the heck Autumn you just started this refocused effort to talk about your adventures and experiences in the fashion industry!” And this is true, my intentions were to continue to grow this fashion adjacent blog considerably, but as it often does life has taken a turn and opportunity outside of fashion has emerged. Completely outside of fashion, fashion obtuse even.

Guys….I’m moving to DC to work in Public Affairs.

(Pause for mild laughter, confusion, and exclamations)

I’ve recently accepted an Account Executive position for a small Public Affairs firm in the heart of the nation’s capital where my new client roster will be composed of associations, government subsidiaries, and trade bureaus instead of Betsey Johnsons, Jean-Michel Cazabats, and luxury handbags. The firm deals in part communications, lobbying, and digital communications.

Putting my finger on the why…

truth is

Most of my friends have asked why I’m leaving the glamorous world of fashion PR and it’s a query that I have yet to answer well. Why would I give up free designer samples, access to fashion shows and parties, industry gossip and celebrity sightings? What could possibly be more glamorous than living an off broadway version of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’?  I guess it’s a multitude of small things that end up influencing a major decision one way or another.  The small things stacked up and suggested I make a change.  I guess the decision to move was also just another act of blind faith. A belief that a leap in any direction would turn out fine. That whether I go, or stay, or move to Paris, or go back to school that I’ll be ok.  The most concrete reason why at this moment in time is probably my desire to feel professionally stimulated and fulfilled. My belief that I’m capable of more, worth more, and deserving of fulfillment will hopefully suffice as an answer.

Fashion was fun but it wasn’t what I spent 6 years in school receiving two degrees to do.

The day-to-day, subject matter, environment, and host of characters often left me desiring more, feeling uninspired and a little wasted(not in the drunk way).

On a fundamental level in life I desire and aim to…

  • feel helpful/useful
  • be challenged
  • learn and grow
  • contribute positively to my community
I don't know if fashion checked enough of those boxes for me to stay.

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. Truly.  At times it was fascinating and funny educational and enlightening. I met great people and got access to things every fashion girl values. I worked under masters of the field and behind the scenes of a billion dollar industry. I’ve gotten free stuff, visited the offices of major glossies, talked to Martha Stewart, and been to the top of One World Trade (arguably the best view of the city). Access and experience have been invaluable gifts. The move to New York and work in this industry was and continues to be a mountain of experiences for me. Ultimately this professional and physical move isn’t indicative of an ‘about-face’ to fashion, it is still one of my larger interests after all.

I hope to stay in touch with the great people I’ve met, and even tap into the tiny but present fashion market in DC. I plan to freelance on fashion projects and keep the pathway between New York and DC open. The move also represents a significant opportunity to carve a lane not yet established there. I’ve always wanted to establish something that is mine, perhaps this is a window?

I’m sure DC has a pocket of brave girls who also dare to be…Fashion adjacent.

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