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    Finding my Fashion Focus

    As I prepare for a career in fashion PR, I’m taking every available opportunity to immerse myself in different aspects of the field.  What better place to start than understanding how Fashion PR agencies create and orchestrate promotional activities for their versatile clients.

    Area of Expertise:

    For my AOE I will be doing a comparative study on the planning process for Fashion branding in the U.S. versus abroad in the U.K.  I will specifically be looking at the important elements of a fashion branding plan, best practices, and client considerations.  I also hope to learn more about some promotional activities commonly conducted by fashion PR agencies. Here are a few I’m already familiar with:

    • brand launches
    • store openings
    • fashion shows
    • product/celebrity placement
    • press events

    The needs of the client heavily dictate how the planning process will go and the considerations these fashion PR boutiques and agencies will take into account. I’m interested in learning what factors contribute to the decision making process and how these initiatives are carried out comparatively

    Taking advantage of a key opportunity

    While further developing my academic foundation in public relations, it is essential that I gain some exposure to this specific avenue of PR.  Learning more about how fashion PR agencies operate and their planning processes while still in school will give me an added advantage and different perspective once I enter the field.  As I begin my job search PR agencies in London have quickly risen to the top of my list for possible pursuit. Subsequently, it is opportune that my comparative study should include these agencies abroad.

    I’m really looking forward to learning more about how fashion PR agencies tailor promotional needs in the planning process based on their specific clients. I’m also looking forward to hearing about the experiences and challenges practitioners in this fast pace fashion environment face. Trends and techniques in fashion change with each season, and learning how agencies keep up and keep their brands relevant is a fascinating area to dive into.

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