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    Mostly for the Mommas

    Here’s the truth. I’m pretty positive that at least 85% of my friends and family have NO idea what I do for a living. It’s always been this way in pretty much every job I’ve ever held. Non-profit internships, government internships, Fashion PR, Public Affairs, and now Influencer Marketing. Each position shrouded in unmistakable mystery.

    In fact, my cousin, a senior in high school asked if he could interview me for his capstone project on his chosen career field. I was flattered and excited to gush about my path to present day, but when we sat down, he opened the interview with “So tell me all about being a photographer!”

    Similarly, my nana tells people I work in fashion, and my friends always suggest I’m in some form of crisis management, media placement, advertising, branding, or business creation.

    In part, my job is all of these things, but when boiled down it would be kind of cool if people got it. The person I care most about having a true understanding of what I do is unsurprisingly my mother. She pretends to know what I do better than most, and I love her effort, but even she doesn’t really get it.  I can normally see her get distracted mid-way into my explanation.  But as mother’s day nears I’ve pulled together some thoughts on how brands can effectively tap into influencer marketing (The thing I do!) to reach moms who already consume influencer content regularly. Although not a complete explanation of what I do, it does give a window into a huge component, tailored campaigns!

    Jewelry brand Trollbeads has launched an endearing influencer campaign celebrating moms in everyday life with their “Mama Mia” bracelet bead. The campaign weaves in product placement in a subtle way that doesn’t distract from the true emphasis on celebrating precious moments with Mom. In her post for the campaign, the momma behind Modern Moguls shares the intimate moments that make motherhood worth it. She shares ‘her why’ connecting to the brand’s messaging and inspiration behind this special Mother’s day gift.

    Maximizing the influencer involvement, Trollbeads repurposed the photo content created by Modern Moguls, on their ‘Mama Mia’ bead landing page and social media channels. This creates a cohesive and authentic feel to the campaign. Surprisingly, many brands are missing this opportunity to integrate influencer content, less than 25% of brands repurpose content they pay influencers to create. If you’re already paying for it, you might as well use it!

    Campaigns like these with amazing influencers like this make up the bulk of my day-to-day, as I try to deliver the internet compelling stories that feed seamlessly into the feeds you already consume. So I’ll tackle the fullness of my position and industry in another post, but this felt like a timely example to give you, likely the 85% a peak in!


    Until next time! (Probably months from now lol)