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They have a footing in fashion: Time for some industry expert Interviews

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Ready, Set, Fashion Recap

There’s no better time to learn about your chosen career field than in an academically rigorous graduate program.  To better prepare myself for the challenges that lie ahead I will be conducting a comparative research study on how Fashion PR agencies operate in the U.S. versus in the U.K.  My aim is to discover the best practices, tools, and techniques necessary to be successful when taking on new clients in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Let’s talk

London draws nearer and interviews are officially under way!  After conducting research on fashion PR agencies in the U.S. I have selected four agencies that work with diverse clients in the fashion and lifestyle space.  I will be conducting interviews with these talented communications experts over the next two weeks:

  • Account Director at Style House PR, Rachel Braude- New York, NY
  • Marketing Director of White Book Agency, Nancy Vaughn– Tampa, FL
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of B PR , Sally-Anne Shrimpton– London based, Soho, NY
  • PR practitioner at Elle Communications, Danielle Gano – San Diego and Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY

AgenciesB PR

“Hello this is Rachel Braude, Style House PR”

As I work towards securing a position in Fashion PR I have prepared a host of questions about new clients, social media, agency specialties, and challenges.  After conducting my first official phone interview with Rachel Braude from Style House PR I’ve expanded some of my questions for future interviews. Our conversation introduced me to some challenges of the field, and lead me through the preliminary stages of taking on a new fashion client.  Understanding “big picture” concepts like the brand’s philosophy, 5-year plan, and audience are crucial elements to establishing successful promotion strategies. Style House works with brands and companies at various stages of the promotional process. From start-up brands to established brands that are looking for a fashion face-lift.  This first interview has propelled my interest in the field and I am eager to learn more.

Each of the experts I have been in correspondence with so far have been extremely friendly and helpful in my quest for more Fashion PR knowledge.  I can’t wait until my next interview, let’s see what else the experts have to say!

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