Global PR, How about London

Two feet on the ground, I’m finally back in London town!

We are here

My first three days in London were action packed and with the first utterance of English accents I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. After arriving and unpacking at our flat in Clerkenwell I was ready to experience the city as a true Londonite.  London has an identity all of its own distinctly different from major cities even in the United States.  As I walked through the streets and visited some of London’s popular tourist attractions I could feel an air of old world class and sophistication.

Fashion Lives in London


 It could just be the excitement of being abroad but the people here are beautiful! Oversized scarves, tailored suits, suede oxfords, trench coats, colorful dress socks, heels on cobblestone, black leather jackets, ballerina buns, and bow ties filled each street. London has dazzled me with an effortless display of sophisticated fashion know-how.  From head to toe even London’s babies seem to be fashion forward. In a word London fashion is perfectly tailored.

I’m really looking forward to speaking with fashion PR professionals who can provide more insight on the current trends in London’s fashion and the companies contributing to the must have fashion pieces.

Time to be a tourist

Learning how to ride the iconic Underground and reading a map became essential components during my first couple of days.  The Underground, or the Tube as it’s commonly referred to weaves its way under the busy streets of London and is by far the most convenient way to travel.  I quickly learned to ‘keep left’ and to ‘mind the gap’ as I was constantly reminded by polite Tube signs. At least while in London gone are the days that I can whip out my iphone to use Google maps to find my way around.  The classic folded paper map with its initially overwhelming appearance has become an extension of my right arm. Technology has truly spoiled me so it has been refreshing to get back to the basics!


Enough of the nuances, I’m sure you want to know know what I’ve seen. Here are the major tourist stops I managed to squeeze into my first three days:


Check out some of my favorite pictures from my sight seeing adventures below:


Westminster Abbey Cathedral


Walking across Tower bridge, what a sight!


We finally got some sun while visiting the Tower bridge.


Stopped by to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace


Westminster Abbey at an angle


Our friend Big Ben, with the London Eye peeking around the corner

In today’s digital age if you don’t take a picture of your fabulous meal it didn’t happen at all.  Here are two of the delicious sandwiches I tried. A spin on fish and chips from Shakespeare’s Pub, and a chicken, bacon, and spinach salad sandwich from Fiori Cafe, yum!

Food    IMG_6003

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