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I'm obsessed with ​getting influencers of ​color the big bands from ​the big brands they ​naturally love!

Join a collective of creators securing ​paid partnerships with the brands ​they love for the compensation you ​deserve

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Woman Vlogging Outdoors

Hi, I'm Autumn.

With more than 12 years of experience in ​influencer marketing, I know all the right ways ​to secure meaningful brand partnerships, ​create a strategy for your online presence ​that drives results, and get your business whe​re you ​w​ant it to be.

Let's unlock your suc​cess together!

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My Process


Book your 30 Min ​Discovery Call

Our first call will help me understand ​your brand, identify your long and ​short-term goals as a creator, and ​identify areas of opportunity for our ​wo​rk together!


Pi​ck Your Approach

Following our intro call, I'll share a few ​options for how we can best work ​together, from a basic strategy outline, ​to​ ongoing support and management.


Th​e Fun Part!

Once aligned we'll roll out your tailored ​strategy with scheduled checkpoints t​o ​map our progress together!

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Client Feedback

It is a great honor to serve you

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I work with Autumn on an ​ongoing basis, with occasional ​consultation on how I should ​be pricing and positioning ​myself to partner with brands ​that align with my organization, ​Bonnerville.

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Autumn saw my potential early ​and got me in the door with ​one of my first major brand ​partnerships. As a result, I have ​an ongoing relationship with ​the brand and am leveling up ​the types of activations I'm ​doing with brands!

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Brandy Merriweather


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I wasn't particularly interested ​in being a traditional influencer ​but loved the idea of creating ​content and forming brand ​partnerships. Autumn is helping ​me pinpoint specific brands to ​create with the goal of ​establishing myself as a UGC ​creator.

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UGC Creator

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